Mastering the Obvious is a blog about Agile coaching, organizational change, software testing, positive deviance and random related geekery.  I chose this title because working (and living) in an Agile way is deceptively simple, yet damn hard to do.  The trick is in making things about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it as visible and obvious as possible, and then developing mastery in the skills and domains that will help you and your team to succeed – while having fun along the way.

Who am I?


I’m Ellen Grove, an business agility coach and geek-of-many-trades based in Ottawa ON Canada.  I’m passionate about Open Space, LEGO Serious Play, and Training from the Back of the Room, and I try to integrate those approaches in my daily work.

Here’s a few of my presentations:

Agile Toolkit Podcast on Facilitation, recorded at Business Agile 2018

Games for Learning about Conflict Resolution, recorded at Agile India 2016

Using LEGO Serious Play for eliciting user requirements, Mastering Business Analysis podcast

My slideshare (although I don’t use slides very often any more when I present)

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