Watching the garden grow…

I had the rare delight today of participating in an Agile lunch and learn at a client’s site.  There have been a series of successful lunch and learns there over the past several months, but this one was different in many ways.

An Agile lunch and learn attended by a few dozen people, despite the fact that no lunch was provided.

An Agile lunch and learn that (as an Agile coach) I had no part in organizing or running because it was completely organized and carried out by people I’ve been coaching over the past several months.

A lunch and learn on Open Space – complete with a small series of lightning talks!   A beautifully-orchestrated lunch and learn that was rigorously timeboxed so that everything unfolded within 90 minutes.

A lunch and learn attended by senior executives who took an active part in the proceedings and openly expressed considerable enthusiasm for setting up a larger Open Space event for their entire IT organization.

Some days are very good indeed.

One Comment on “Watching the garden grow…”

  1. Dave Rooney says:

    Nice – that’s great to hear!! The post title is quite appropriate as well… gardening takes lots of time and patience, and can be frustrating at times.

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